How Certificates in NFC Works

Non Fungible Certificates are immutable certificates which are protected with the help of robust blockchain technology within the blockchain network. Users and certificate issuing authorities can easily use this service to register their certificates in the blockchain and easily transfer the certificate ownership to another party when needed. Combined use of the blockchain technology, and the web service together can prove the ownership as well as authenticity of the certificate whether or not the certificate was further tampered since the certificate was registered in our blockchain network. 

Regular Users

Regular user accounts can upload/register a certificate and store the corresponding token in blockchain for his/her own future use or transfer. Your certificate will be stored securely in the 4IRCloud network or in amazon S3. If you are a user then, please follow the below steps


If you are a user then choose the user accounts tab and provide your email address, username, password, first name and last name. After registration you have to verify your email and then you can login to your account.

2.Upload New Certificate

The registration of a new certificate is chargeable in the user’s end. After registration of certificate they will be provided a token, this token is actually an encryption hash result/key which will be stored in the blockchain.

3.Download Certificate

Whoever is the current owner of the certificate, he can download the certificate.

4.Validate Certificate

The owner can validate the certificate with the blockchain network with a single click. 

Other users will be given a feature to validate the ownership as well as the authenticity of a certificate, by uploading the certificate or using the certificate in store. In such case this user should have access to the certificate. Just someone randomly cannot validate every certificate within our website. 

5.Transfer Certificate

A certificate can be transferred (ownership of the certificate) to another user. The creator/issuer data related to the certificate won’t change even if the certificate is further transferred. Also the transfer history can be traced in the blockchain. 

6.Share Certificate

A user can share a certificate to another user for verification/review purposes. This will have a limit of 7 days. The view privilege of the certificate will expire within 7 days. After expiry the user can create another share if needed.  This makes the certificate sharing the doc checking very easy for all parties involved. 

Certificate Issuer User

As a CIA user you can create an account on NFC and can issue certificate. If you are a CIA user then, please follow the below steps


If you are a certificate issuer then choose the Certificate Issuer option and provide your email address, username, password, After registration you have to verify your email and then you can login to your account.

2.Create Certificate

The major change for an issuing authority user is that they can create a new certificate and immediately issue it to a user. They won’t have a transfer feature. All they do is issue a new certificate for another user of our service.Issuing a new certificate is followed by a fee.

3.View Issued Certificates

An issuing authority can see all such certificates they issued, and validate despite such certificates maybe now owned by another user, or even if it is further transferred to even other users. 

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