Non Fungible Certificates (NFC).

NFC allowing users to register non fungible certificates by creating a special encryption token/hash of their required certificate in blockchain network. and storing the data in our service (which will internally use 4IR cloud to store data). Combined use of the blockchain technology, and the web service together can prove the ownership as well as authenticity of the certificate whether or not the certificate was further tampered since the certificate was registered in our blockchain network. 

  •  Upload/register a certificate and store the corresponding token in blockchain for his/her own future use or transfer. 
  • This service together used with the blockchain program helps users to prove the ownership of the certificate as well as the authenticity of the certificate.
  • The certificate content will be stored in the 4IRCloud. 
  • The service will give a feature for a user to download the certificate.
  • Whoever is the current owner of the certificate, he can download the certificate. The owner can validate the certificate with the blockchain network with a single click. 
  • Other users will be given a feature to validate the ownership as well as the authenticity of a certificate, uploading the certificate and the token number. In such case this user should have access to the certificate. Just someone randomly cannot validate every certificate within our website. 
  • A certificate can be transferred (ownership of the certificate) to another user.
  • A user can share a certificate to another user for verification/review purposes. This makes the certificate sharing the doc checking very easy for all parties involved. 
  • Users will be paying in USD,EUR,GBP for the use of the service. 
  • Ensure security using 2FA authentication. 

Advantages of using blockchain technology to store certificates

  • Blockchain technology stores data in a form that cannot be altered. This is done through cryptography which involves encryption of data using a hash function. So data becomes unalterable. It is practically impossible to hack.
  • Document verification on blockchain technology eliminates the third party.
  • Certificates are placed on a distributed ledger so that people can have access to information anytime, anywhere. Under blockchain, the documents are securely placed that only authorized persons can access using their private keys.
  • Companies can hire best employess without spending many hours and millions of dollars validating their certificates.





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