How do you ensure that information is secure?

Corresponding to each certificate a token is generated. This token is actually an encryption hash result/key which will be stored in the blockchain too. If the certificate changes (even one character of it), the hash changes. This means the time of creation of the hash (i.e. the registration of certificate) can be proven with the actual certificate and the token hash. With the token hash alone, the certificate can’t be recreated, which gives pretty good  security for the contents of the certificate as well.

Where certificate actually stored?

The actual certificate file is stored in 4IR cloud and amazon S3 and its encrypted hash is stored in blockchain.

Is upload/register a certificate require payment?

Users will be charged for creating certificate tokens(i.e. for registering a certificate). Every time a user creates a certificate token (or an issuing authority creates a certificate token) they will be charged.

How to transfer the certificate to another user?

A certificate can be transferred (ownership of the certificate) to another user. The creator/issuer data related to the certificate won’t change even if the certificate is further transferred. Which means even if Person A creates a certificate and transfers it to Person B, A being the first creator/registrar, the info will be recorded in the blockchain. Also the transfer history can be traced in the blockchain.

Is there any fee for transfer certificate?

The transfer of ownership of a certificate is also associated with a fee. The transferor (who’s actually initiating the transfer) will be charged a fee that is set by the admin to facilitate the transfer.

What does it mean to validate a certificate?

Users will be given a feature to validate the ownership as well as the authenticity of a certificate, by uploading the certificate or using the certificate in store. In such case this user should have access to the certificate. Just someone randomly cannot validate every certificate within our website.

How to share the certificate to another user?

A user can share a certificate to another user for verification/review purposes. For example, if I have a certificate for claiming the purity of breed of my pet dog, I can share that to a potential buyer, and later after the satisfaction of the buyer, I can transfer the ownership of the certificate too upon the purchase of my pet dog. This will have a limit of 7 days. The view privilege of the certificate will expire within 7 days. After expiry the user can create another share if needed.  This makes the certificate sharing the doc checking very easy for all parties involved. 

Is there any payment for share certificate?

A user can share a certificate to another user for verification/review purposes without any payment.

How to make payment in NFC?

Users will be paying using paypal or using wallet address.

What are the supported currencies in NFC?

It support fiat currencies USD,EUR,GBP and cryptocurrency 4IR and USDC.

Is the issuing authority can transfer certificate ?

They won’t have a transfer feature. All they do is issue a new certificate for another user of our service.

Is there any purchase plan for certificate issueing authority for creating certificate?

Certificate creation authority may create multiple certificates, so we may give a bulk costing advantage for certificate creation authority. 

What are the certificate formats supported?

The certificate to be registered can either be in an image format or in PDF format.

How many certificates can  upload by a user?

Individual uses can register as many certificates they want.

How do I download my certificate?

A user may download a certificate (that he owns) anytime from his account.




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